A little about me...

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It's through story that we understand the world. Jesus knew that to communicate His Word he must use parables, stories we could understand. I believe God has written all of our stories. I believe he is writing them still. He has called me to tell the stories of mamas and babies and daddies and families. He has given me a passion for birth and serving women. I am honored and tender with this gift and I offer you my whole self in supporting you and documenting your stories.

I documented my first birth in 2012 and have photographed and doula’d almost 150 births.

I have 4 awesome blessings ages 5 to 15. They fulfilled my first dream and make my day, all the time. 

I love to research, garden, watch movies and wander around in museums and libraries. 

I love airports. And flying.

I believe in remembering the 30 seconds of good in an hour of terrible.

I make lists ALL. THE. TIME. 
I don't really like to cook much anymore, but I do like to bake and make soup and a hot breakfast every morning.
I really love "Little House on the Prairie" books. I've been reading them aloud to my kids (since my oldest was born) just to have an excuse to reread them. 
I was an urban farmer for several years and I used have a cloth diaper and boutique handmade clothing business.
I almost dropped out of college to be a midwife and maybe one day I’ll be one.

Yes, I still kind of feel like that 7 yr old girl who wanted to be EVERYTHING.
I never thought I'd be in the South this long, now I never want to leave.

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